Brass Catcher   BC-SDLA
Brass Catcher   BC-SDLA
Brass Catcher   BC-AK - CUSTOM CAST usa
Brass Catcher   BC-SDLA
Brass Catcher   BC-SDLA

Brass Catcher BC-SDLA

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Brass Catcher for Side Discharge Lever Action shown on a Marlin 1894

Our Custom Designed Brass Catchers are made here in the U.S.A.

The basic one size fits all idea was incorporated when designing our Brass Catcher Casting, but in this case to make it compatible with the Side Discharge Lever Action, we needed to do a bit of modification to the original casting and fabricate a clamping bracket that would suspend the casting and custom catcher bag in the proper position to catch the ejected brass.  We understand that a Lever Action does not fling the brass like an AR-15 or the AK47 and they certainly don't hold 30 rounds, but never the less; no need to search for expensive brass at the range or in the bush while hunting!

This unit comes complete with our modified Black Casting, detachable bag, metal support bracket, along with spare parts and instillation tools.

Our Black Castings are professionally injection molded by a company here in the U.S.A. using our CAD model and specifications.
We hand work and form most parts of the steel mounting brackets with the help of a modified house-jack press, drill press and pneumatic grinder so don't expect a polished machine stamped item. After a bit of drilling, bending and rough welding; the bracket gets sand tumbled and Black Powder Coated.
Collecting the empty brass is a newly designed hand/machine sown bag that incorporates our easy~empty 2-finger clean-out system.
Once mounted, the molded casting and bag rotate on the support bracket allowing visual inspection of the ejector port and access to the charging gate.
The generous size bag is capable of holding well over 2 lb. spent brass but we doubt you'll ever push it to that point. In the event an overloaded bag does slip off, most of the brass will be contained or found in close proximity; not somewhere on the ground ?? feet away. The complete Brass Catcher system weighs in at 11 ounces + -