Saving Money one Shot at a Time

Why catch BRASS?
I don't reload, I don't plan on reloading, it's not worth the trouble, and besides;all those strange boxes and bags you bolt to your rifle either cost a ton of money, only works on one style rifle, or the mesh bag develops holes from the hot BRASS!
Today 01/04/2017 the price of SCRAP BRASS is $1.38 lb. Even if you don't reload, you must like to shoot, so saving your scrap casings can pay for some ammo or range fees from time to time! Or maybe You Don't Give a SHIT, maybe you like throwing away money, how-bout saving some resources for the kids!
Our Unique BRASS CATCHER is designed to snap onto multiple AR15 Receiver Configurations by using various shaped spring clips. The injection molded chute will adapt to a Flat Top Receiver, the Flat Top with a Removable Handle Installed or the Vietnam Era M16 with Integral Carry Handle.
Brass Catcher for Flat TopBrass Catcher for Flat Top with Removable HandleBrass Catcher for Integral Carry Handle
The clips adjust along the top of the casting to allow mounting around most optics.
Give us a SHOT and click the link below, watch the bag fill with your nickles and dimes!

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