My Mind went BLANK!

Many are calling the 300 BLACKOUT the perfect round due to it's ability to fly both ways (subsonic and supersonic).

First let me say that I am in no way a professional, a scholar, or a know it all when it comes to the Blackout round. What I positively do know is this crap ain't cheep to shoot.  I will admit the price has come down a fair amount over many months but there was a time when you couldn't even find it at any price let alone find spent brass to make your own. Currently hovering around 75 cents a round, a guy could still go broke or end up divorced while enjoying plinking with this phenomenal round!

I spent many hours scouring the internet  with hopes to find the bread crumbs that would lead me thru the Black Hole of the 300 Blackout ammo quest. Little did I know, I had already entered the one-way tunnel when I first became interested in Blackout and began my search! Hours flew by as I spiraled down thru the pages of dead end information. But wait! A glimmer of information! What is this, make your own while saving BIG BUCKS? Is it possible? YES, right there in front of me, the link that would shed light on perhaps the Eighth Wonder of the World! One click away and full details on how to convert .223/5.56 brass into 300 Blackout.

Praise GOD, a beautifully written article describing the step by step method and clear close up images along the way. Looks straight forward, I could do that, I already reload other calibers and have all the basic tools. Get another set of dies and some spent .223/5.56 brass and I'll be shooting Blackout before the week is out! The JOKE was on me and the Black Hole reopened. The search became even wider as once fired .223/5.56 brass became the key in unlocking my 300 Blackout. I began searching again but soon started feeling tired and weak, and that's when it happened!



Shoot Straight Stay Safe




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