Time to Cut the B.S. and get to Work!

Lake City .223/5.56 BLANKS are a proven Winner!
 I started off making a simple 2-piece jig to hold a number of blanks, top piece is not in place. Thought I needed to lock them down while cutting thru them, waste of time.
I ended up doing one at a time and holding it with a gloved hand. The fine tooth metal band saw blade cut thru the HEAVY WALLED BLANKS as if they were butter!
The saw bead is tilted slightly towards the back so the trimmed off tip gradually found its way of the saw top and into a scrap box below which gained weight amazingly fast.
On the return stroke of the sliding jig, the right hand grabbed and dropped the cut brass into a box to the right side as the left hand fed the next blank in to the jig.
For a while, I thought I was part Robot!
Time for a short break and clean the brass dust off the saw top. Much to my surprise, my brass scrap was starting to add up.
With a nearly 100% success rate of a clean cut, I was on my way to a pile of what would soon be bright shiny 300 Blackout cases.
But not quite this soon!
Shoot Straight Stay Safe

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