I Hit the Target with BLANKS!

I start with .223 /5.56 Lake City BLANKS!
After many long hours lost in the Black Hole of the internet searching for even a small score of once fired .223/5.56 brass, thru GODS Grace; I saw the Light!
Boxes upon Boxes with Boxes to spare,
Thousands of Thousands and priced O so Fair!
I immediately knew that I would soon be shooting 300 Blackout along with saving a boat-load of cash.
Plinking with Blackout, subsonic or supersonic now goes hand in hand with running thru clips of 9mm.
Being a cheap S.O.B. as I am, and wanting to get the most bang for my bucks, I hit pay-dirt when I came across Everglades Ammo back when I was a younger man!
They currently have some in stock again and are running a sale!
Here is their link just to make things a bit easier.
Sourcing some components required to reload these babies can be difficult to find at times but since my Black loves eating lead, there's never a worry what's for dinner or breakfast or lunch for that matter!
Shoot Straight Stay Safe

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