Size Matters!

We've all heard about one size fits all and the old stand by Bigger is Better, maybe for women or the balance in you check book; but not for the 300 Blackout case!
When reloading, if the shoe fits wear it, is what  I consider a Golden Rule!
I won't go into the entire lecture here but you must follow certain criteria to make it go bang! There is loads of information on the WEB and starting to show up in various reloading pages and all of it boils down to a few major points!
Proper OAL  over-all length
Proper Head Spacing
Proper bullet size and weight
Proper powder and primer
These are just the main points, with each point having its own underlying steps to address.
Get it all right and enjoy the sweet success of reloading!
Once I get my BLANKS cut close to length (I always leave them a bit long for final trimming) I pop the primers and size the necks.
Then into my homemade tumbler (I'll cover making it in another blog) for a quick bath using stainless steel pins a drop of dish soap and a bit of Lemon Shine.
The once filthy brass comes out sparkling after 30-45 min.
The stainless pins are sized in length and diameter so that they tumble thru the flash hole and even clean the primer pocket.
Hard to see in the image above, I have a drill chuck connected to the shaft just off the pulley. Here I chuck in a counter sink and quickly drill out the crimp that once held in the primer.
After I run thru a mess of them taking care of this step, it's off to the cordless drill operated RCBS Trim Pro with a 3-way cutter (inside bevel,outside chamfer,true length) all in one step!
That's it for today, tomorrow we'll start priming and loading!
Shoot Straight Stay Safe

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